Centresource Recaps Leap Day 2016
Written by: Alex Curtis | Posted Apr 7, 2016

Guest post by Rami Perry, Software Product Consultant at Centresource.

On February 29th, the Centresource team was honored to participate in the first LEAP Day Event, organized by our friends at the Nashville Technology Council. It was a celebration of the one year anniversary of the LEAP grant, which stands for Labor Education Agreement Program. Over 350 students from the Nashville area went on 16 field trips, to 23 companies and universities, learning about technology careers in Nashville and being exposed to the great tech work happening in our town.

CcZnzeAWIAEjWIC-300x300A class of high schoolers from Franklin High School spent their lunch with our team, learning about our work, education and passions.  Over many, many pieces of pizza, our team and the students had a great time getting to know each other and talking shop.

Members of our strategy, project management, design, front-end development, back-end development and marketing teams walked the students through the life-cycle of a current project we are working on. Not only did we talk about the actual software development portion of the project, but we introduced the team to things like project strategy, market research, user testing, prototyping and taking a product to market.

The students had great questions around what classes they should take, how we hire and the culture of our organization. Not only did the students walk away with a better understanding of what all software development and technology careers can be, but our team walked away motivated by the desire to learn and grow the students showed us.

Thanks to the fine folks at the NTC, the LEAP team, Franklin High School, Stacey Kizer and all the other companies, schools and organizations that helped make this first LEAP day event such a great success. The Centresource Team is so proud to be part of such a thriving and dedicated technology community. And watch out world- there are some smart, talented students in Middle Tennessee that are destined to do great things!