Today’s Tech
Written by: Alex Curtis | Posted Oct 13, 2015

 America Needs Talent- an interview with Lumina Foundation’s Jamie Merisotis

The CEO explains his thoughts on the talent crisis and how it shapes the country’s future. Read more >>


 Diving Deeper on Digital Equality

A case study of Nashville, discussing how school systems are partnering with the city government, business communities, and non-profit organizations to address digital equity. Read more >>


Meet Tejas Manohar, lead engineer of a Silicon Valley startup. And a teenager in Brentwood. 

Local teen creates AutoLotto, allowing you to play the lottery from your phone. Read more >>


De Blasio to Announce 10-Year Deadline to Offer Computer Science to All Students 

New York City Major requires computer science for every student in response to fast-growing technology sector. Read more >>