Technology Employment Spotlight: Nashville
Written by: Alex Curtis | Posted Jan 1, 2015

Click here to download the NTC 2015 Jobs Report

It is an exciting time to be in a technology career or business in Middle Tennessee. Our community has incredible assets for technology companies and IT departments to grow their businesses. Our businesses are making investments to not only attract but also grow talent in this region.

This year’s report shows that our technology sector has grown by over 2,200 workers. Annual openings have increased from 872 to 1,548. Our region is aggressively competing seen by the 9% of annual postings. Although a key source to create skilled workers and lessen the skills gap, the area schools would appear to have capacity to engage more students (see page 11). Recruiting students to become skilled or obtain a degree or certification is key for our technology workforce.

The growth of our technology workforce and investment of the businesses’ is driving regional economic development. Middle Tennessee businesses are investing in long-term solutions to the IT skills gap. Regional businesses came together to support the NTC’s IT Pathway Collaborative for 300 paid internships totaling over $1.6m over two years. The IT Pathway Collaborative and the NTC’s leadership with the White House’s Tech Hire Initiative will build this region’s high quality technology talent pool.

As you review cities across the state and cities of peer size, it is important for this region to continue to invest in education to be a workforce supply to met business demand.

Finding this scarce talent entails knowing where they are. That’s why the Nashville Technology Council has partnered with CareerBuilder and Economic Modeling Specialists International (EMSI), a CareerBuilder company. Together, we provide you access to in-depth data on the current and future state of the technology workforce in our community, delivered in this comprehensive report. From this report, you will get an in-depth look at the state of Nashville’s current technology labor market, be able to identify the top educational institutions and programs for future technology talent, and compare technology job growth projections within various markets.

As your partner, Nashville Technology Council is committed to delivering you data and resources to help you position your business for competitive growth. Use this information to inform your recruiting strategy, get involved to build the talent locally and create a plan to invest in your business’ greatest asset – your people.