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Tech Hill Day & Reception

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The NTC welcomes you to its first Hill Day & Legislator Reception, where NTC members connect with their elected officials from the Tennessee State Legislature.

The NTC works to connect and unite the technology industry of Middle Tennessee and sustain an economic atmosphere that empowers tech and nurtures innovation to thrive. The NTC advocates for the expansion and attraction of both tech businesses and a talented workforce.

These programs on March 29 are an opportunity for the Nashville tech community to build relationships with policy makers. Please join us!

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Federal Tech Policy News

Broadband Privacy Debate  – S.J.Res.34

There are state and federal laws that prevent the sharing of a subscriber’s telephone call records by telephone operators. Until 2016, there were no rules that prevented broadband providers from sharing a subscriber’s online traffic, and those rules developed by the Federal Communications Commission were not yet enforceable.  Last week, the US Senate narrowly passed a resolution to remove the FCC’s recently created privacy protections for broadband subscribers. Today, the House has the opportunity to vote on the same resolution. There is debate around whether the FTC or state law are better equipped to protect consumer’s privacy.  Learn more here.

President Establishes Office of American Innovation

Headed by Jared Kushner, and includes Goldman Sachs executives Gary Cohn – now director of the National Economic Council, and Dina Habib Powell – senior counselor to the president for economic initiatives and deputy national security adviser. The office will focus on implementing policies and scaling proven private-sector models to spur job creation and innovation. The OAI will make recommendations to the President on policies and plans that improve Government operations and services, improve the quality of life for Americans now and in the future, and spur job creation. Learn more here, here and here.

TN Legislature Week in Review

Fair Repair Act – SB888/HB1382

Legislation that would require “Digital electronic product” manufacturers to, among other things, make diagnostic and repair information available to product owners. This bill is again scheduled for the House Subcommittee on Wednesday, delayed to amend it to broaden the scope to include car repairs as well as it’s original narrow application: “farm tractors.” Learn more about other kinds of “Right to Repair” legislation here, and the specifics of this bill here.


Broadband – SB1215/HB529

The Governor’s bill aims to spur availability to broadband for more than 800,000 Tennesseans without access. The Governor’s bill moved along smoothly last week advancing to the Finance committees in both the House and Senate for this week. Some cable/internet providers have spoken against the legislation. Learn more here.


Data Breach – SB547/HB545

An update of data breach legislation passed last year that more specifically defines disclosure requirements. This bill has now passed both the full Senate and House and has been sent to the Governor for his signature.


Autonomous Vehicles – SB151/HB381 and SB252/HB296

Legislation that would regulate how automated vehicles can operate in Tennessee. The issue is a contentious one between traditional auto manufacturers and producers of self-driving automation technology. GM’s legislation was again deferred in both the House and Senate last week and is up again in both places this week. Learn more here and here.


Short Term Rentals – SB260/HB371, SB372/HB497, SB1038/HB1231, SB1086/HB1020

The industry bill passed out of the House Business and Utilities Committee this past week and will now go to the House Local Government Committee. The bill will likely be heard there on 4/4. The Senate companion is again calendared for the Senate Commerce next Tuesday. The platforms (Airbnb/HomeAway) remain at odds on this legislation with the Hospitality Association and local governments. Learn more here, here, here, and here.


Educator License Endorsements – SB232/HB918

Legislation that would require the State Board of Education to create an endorsement in computer science for all teachers who hold a valid license pursuant to statute and demonstrate sufficient content knowledge in the course material. This bill passed the Senate Floor and is was for the House Floor on Monday.


Alternative Energy Regulation – SB1336/HB1021

Placeholder legislation to be amended to focus on regulating the build-out and expansion of wind energy production in Tennessee, requiring locales to create rules on expansion. Learn more here.


Apprenticeships – SB1313/HB1391

The legislation establishes the office of apprenticeship at TN ECD and work-study programs within the department; provides a tax credit to entities that participate in the programs; and reinstates certain apprenticeship programs for certain professional boards and commissions. This bill received a neutral recommendation from the Senate Government Operations this past week. Learn more here.


Bathroom Bill – SB771/HB888

The bill died in Senate Education last week for a lack of a motion – meaning that no Senators were willing to move the bill to even let the sponsor present it. Learn more here and learn more about the Tennessee Thrives coalition here.



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