NTC Veterans Mentorship Program

Mentorship Program Overview

Many of the core skills, attitudes, behaviors and ethics of leadership are best learnt by modelling rather than in a formal classroom. The NTC Veteran’s Mentorship Program allows Veterans to model good leadership and offer practical guidance to their future leaders. Mentoring fosters not only professional growth but also personal growth, and can develop confidence in handling new situations, improve understanding of different approaches to a situation and enhance self-esteem for both mentors and mentees.

Through small group mentorship, this program seeks to provide Veterans with an opportunity for valuable peer-to-peer learning, professional development, and meaningful connections within the Middle Tennessee tech community. Participation is limited to Veterans working in, or interested in working in, the tech industry.

Mentoring is exceptional for its capacity to encourage excellence both in mentees and in those who mentor. While it is expected that mentees will acquire insight and wisdom through working with a good mentor, experience demonstrates that mentors also gain from the interaction. Mentors frequently explain that their role prompted them to review and reassess their assumptions and clarify their thoughts as they explain things to their mentee(s).

By establishing an appropriate selection process for both mentors and mentees and providing the right framework to support this process, we can ensure that participation in NTC Veteran Mentorship program is sought after by our Veterans, rather than perceived as a chore or a burden. We don’t take chances with this part of the program set-up as it is one of the critical requirements for its success.

Applications for the 2019 Cohort have closed.

Meet Our Mentors

Andy Flatt
CIO, NHC Healthcare




Sean Tuley
CIO, LifePoint Health




Andrew Baxter
Director Service Assurance, HCA




Steve Yeager
CTO, Sychronous Health Inc.




Charles Spence
SVP IT of Archimedes




Christopher A. Bayham
Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Change Healthcare




Debbie Glover
Retired, VP Information Technology




Michael Broxterman
Information Technology Executive | Advisor | Independent Consultant




Eric Harrison
Managing Director, Deloitte




Russ Haskett
Sr. Director, Information Services at UHS




Holly Fryburger
Enterprise Mobility Manager




Jeff Rozell
Founder, President, and Principle of Teleo Consulting, LLC




Jeri Garland
Senior Director of IS Clinical Applications at Community Health Systems




Nathan Vaughn
Business Transformation Executive, RedHat




Richard Gericke
Sr. Manager of IT Services at CKE Restaurants




James Orrand
Director, IT at Change Healthcare
USMC 93-97 0311 MOS