Tech Coach


Starting in 2021, NTC created Tech Coach program to connect our Tech Professionals  to our educators, students, career seekers and changers to assist in career development.  We know that tech education is key to growing our tech workforce – however, we also know that educators, students and career seekers and changers need coaching in creating resumes, networking, interviewing and overall awareness in tech occupations to development pathways to land a future tech job.

We have developed what we refer to as 4 different “plays” where Tech Professionals (Tech Coaches) will connect with educators, students, career seekers and changers (Tech Athletes) to coach each in career development.

1)  the job conversation

This is a 20-minute phone call conversation between the Tech Coach and Tech Athlete – where the Tech Athlete drives the conversation.  The Tech Athlete collects information about a job, career field, industry, or company through a series of scripted questions. It is not a job interview. Instead, it is an opportunity for a Tech Athlete to speak with someone that is working in a field he or she would like to know more about to help build a pathway.

2) the Mock Interview

This is a 30-minute video interview where the Tech Coach  reviews the Tech Athlete resume – creating a “mock” environment by interviewing the Tech Athlete for  tech job position.  This interview calls for the Tech Coach to give immediate feedback to the Tech Athlete for improvement.

3) the job shadow 

This can be 1-3 hour video meeting where a Tech Athlete drops into a Tech Coach’s place of work and observes work real-time.  Examples of this:  a coding student drops into a product dev meeting to learn how creativity and innovation leads to physical products, services and solutions or a computer support student drops into a Tech Support Center to observe all the different computer-related problems and how the Help Desk solves them using critical thinking and system administration skills.

4) Tech Coach Event

This is an hour zoom meeting, coordinated by NTC, hosted by a Tech Coach for many athletes on  variety of topics on career development (Do’s and Don’ts of Interviewng, How to use search Engines, How to setup Linked In) to professional development (What are the different industry certifcations/pathways, What is BlockChain?, What’s the difference between Cybersecurity and IT Security?)

Welcome future Tech Coaches and Athletes – for more information on how to get involved in the Tech Coach Program  – click the images below.