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April Tech Talk

Polling Tech 101

Join Cynthia Villacis, Polling Analyst at icitizen, as she dives into the changing landscape of the polling and research industries and explores how advances in technology have empowered grassroots organizations to take ownership over their own research projects. Cynthia will detail how icitizen has built a polling and survey platform and offer a case study where an organization used the platform to design their survey, launch it, collect responses and analyze the data in real time to help move their project forward. Join us at Tech Hill Commons on April 13!

Federal Tech Policy News

Net Neutrality

On the heels of the President signing a repeal of yet unenforced FCC rules that would have prevented broadband providers from sharing a subscriber’s online traffic, Chairman Pai has signaled the intent to roll back net neutrality rules, suggest ISPs add net-neutrality-like terms of service, and abdicate jurisdiction to the FTC.


TN Legislature Week in Review

The Legislature slowed significantly last week. While the overall number of bills are decreasing, at least one big issue remains unresolved which is in turn pushing the Legislature’s departure date later.

That issue is the Governor’s gas tax proposal. The House is still considering multiple variations of the legislation and there is no sign of consensus as of this date. In light of that, the projected date of adjournment is now May 12. Look for that date to move later depending when consensus forms on this issue.


Broadband – SB1215/HB529

The Governor’s bill continues to move along. It passed the Senate Floor (with an amendment to change the minimum threshold of speed required by services to receive funding) and is set for the House Floor today. Learn more here.


Autonomous Vehicles – SB151/HB381 and SB252/HB296

Legislation that would regulate how automated vehicles can operate in Tennessee. The issue is a contentious one between traditional auto manufacturers and producers of self-driving automation technology. GM’s legislation was not discussed last week and will be on the Transportation committee calendars again this week. Learn more here and here.


Short Term Rentals – SB260/HB371, SB372/HB497, SB1038/HB1231, SB1086/HB1020

The industry legislation has three components: 1. Preempt local governments from issuing bans on short term rentals in any zoning districts 2. Allow locals to regulate through other reasonable regulations 3. Allow the platforms to collect the taxes.  Senate Commerce passed the bill out after stripping the legislation of the first two pieces. The bill is set to be heard in House Local Government Committee on Tuesday where the bill is still fully intact. Learn more here, here, here, and here.


Apprenticeships – SB1313/HB1391

The legislation establishes the office of apprenticeship at TN ECD and work-study programs within the department; provides a tax credit to entities that participate in the programs; and reinstates certain apprenticeship programs for certain professional boards and commissions. This bill is has been shelved for this year. Learn more here.



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