Sales & Business Development Peer Group


To provide access, training, and development to our fellow Sales and Business Development community members.


  • Provide access to “Who” in the community
  • Support training around the “How” in the role
  • Drive development both personally and professionally in the “What” of business


Provide access through:

  • Networking events
  • Contact sharing
  • Referral and Lead sharing

Support training through:

  • How to do the job
  • How to lead a team
  • How to negotiate

Drive development through:

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Leadership development
  • Presentation/meeting coaching

Planning Committee Members

James Sherer, SalesOlogy
Erin Tomlinson, Eventbrite
Steven Halbert, Concept Technology Inc.

Get Involved

Want to join this peer group? Contact Jacqui Logan for more information.