VIRO & Liquid Death Collaborate to Incentivize Sustainability
Written by: Alex Curtis | Posted Dec 15, 2022

Posted by: VIRO
from: VIRO & Liquid Death Collaborate to Incentivize Sustainability


Nashville, TN (December 15, 2022) – Nashville startup VIRO partners with Liquid Death Mountain Water to reward climate action. The two companies share a vision to create a better, healthier planet through collective environmental action.


With a nontraditional mission of “Killing Plastic Pollution,” Liquid Death CEO Mike Cessario is quoted as saying, “We care about sustainability, aluminum cans are infinitely recyclable, and I think everyone knows that plastic bottles are like the new tobacco.”


Liquid Death made headlines in October after announcing a $700 million valuation. ​​Since its launch in 2019, its latest investor thinks it might be the “fastest-growing non-alcoholic beverage of all time.”


VIRO, an eco-friendly activity tracker, launched in app stores on December 9th. VIRO aims to align sustainable brands with like-minded consumers. Now, more than ever, consumers are conscious of brand values when shopping.


“The true value of tracking your sustainable lifestyle is the health of our planet,” says Nick Arbuckle. “Viro users are making a difference in the world, rewarding them with a case of Liquid Death is just icing on the cake.”


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